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PRANK Purple Gender Reveal Holi Powder Colour


Holi Powder packets for all types of DIY Gender Reveal Prank ideas!

With our Holi Powder Prank packets, the options are endless!

You can use the holi powder for types of reveals such as:

• Car
• Truck
• Motor bike
• Balloon
• Deadlift
• Helicopter
• Dart game (fill small balloons with powder to aim at)

Literally the sky is the limit with the options!

Create your own special gender reveal with non-toxic, water-soluble Powder with food-grade dye✅️

Please note that this is for powder only! The packaging DOES NOT conceal colour.

We highly recommend transferring to thinner packaging for the type of reveal such as a black thin rubbish bag.

Pair with our Gender Reveal Cannons for a more amazing reveal!

The powder can be used as additional powder for our Sports Balls

• We make every effort to ensure that your product arrives intact and safe. However, damage can occur during transit. To be on the safe side, we recommend having a friend or family member open your package.

• All car or vehicle reveals must be performed on private property and in no circumstance should it be performed in public areas. Baby Gender Surprise does not take responsibility for any damage/injury occurred to individuals or vehicles.




150 grams, 300 grams, 450 grams


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