Gender Reveal Cannons

Add excitement, colour, and suspense to your baby’s gender reveal with our gender reveal cannon! It’s the perfect way to announce the gender of your little one. Gender reveal cannons are a fun and festive way to tell everyone that you expect a girl or a boy in a few months. All you have to do is to fire them off by following the instructions and watch the pink or blue confetti or smoke fly out from them...

Celebrate You Little One on Its Way – Gender Reveal Cannon

Do you want to make your gender reveal genuinely unforgettable? With a simple twist or pop, our gender reveal smoke cannon explodes non-toxic Holi powder in either blue or pink and shoots up to 2-3 metres high for the ultimate reveal. Also, our cannons are made with non-flammable compressed gas, so you can feel confident and safe using them. To ensure the ultimate picture-perfect moment, we recommend using at least two cannons. You can easily hold our smoke cannon single-handedly and twist it. We also carry gender-reveal cannon blowers and shooters that will create a beautiful rain effect to ensure your special moment remains unforgettable.

Ordering your gender reveal cannon is easy! Just select the number of cannons and the colour that you need. While ordering, you can also select the surprise option and have your loved one or a family member mail your details to keep the gender a surprise for you!

Buy Gender Reveal Smoke Cannon Now!

Twist and poof! Our gender reveal smoke cannon big adds a unique and exciting vibe to your gender reveal. The Holi powder from our smoke cannon is bio-degradable, non-toxic, and easy to clean. These cannons are suitable for indoor reveals, outdoor reveals, virtual reveals, new year parties, birthdays, and more. You can always buy our gender reveal smoke floor shooter or electric cannon gun for a more dramatic effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does gender reveal smoke cannon make a mess?
Gender reveal cannon is used by parents-to-be to announce the gender of their baby. However, many people believe that the smoke released by these cannons leaves a mess. Today, gender reveal cannons are designed to minimise the chaos, and one option is using non-toxic Holi powder that is easy to clean. Using non-toxic Holi powder instead of traditional smoke powder has several advantages. The Holi powder is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, meaning that parents can safely use the cannon without causing any harm to themselves or others. Moreover, the powder is incredibly easy to clean up. Just sweep up any powder that landed on the ground, or wipe it up with a damp cloth if it gets on furniture or other surfaces, and you are done.

Is the coloured smoke from the gender reveal cannon safe for the environment and health?
Yes! Our gender reveal smoke cannon uses Holi powder, a type of non-toxic powder used to create vibrant coloured smoke that reveals the gender of your baby. The Holi powder is non-toxic and biodegradable, making it an excellent alternative to harmful smoke cannons. The use of non-toxic Holi powder doesn’t harm the environment as the powder dissolves easily in water and can be easily cleaned up after use. The powder is made up of natural ingredients like corn starch, flour, and natural dyes, making it an environmentally friendly and safe option. Using non-toxic Holi powder as a way to reveal the gender of your baby can add to the overall experience without leaving a negative impact on the environment. Also, they can even provide some exciting and beautiful pictures.

Can I use gender reveal smoke cannons at night-time events?
Yes, you can use gender reveal smoke cannon big at nighttime events. When you use gender reveal cannons at night, you can achieve a captivating display than using them during the day. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your smoke cannon when using at nighttime events.

  • Make sure the area is well-lit so that you can see the plumes of smoke.
  • Consider the direction of the wind at night time so that the smoke will not affect nearby homes or businesses.
  • Choose a quieter version of smoke cannons, as some of them will give out a loud bang.
  • Position the cannon in areas where it will not be obstructed by trees or other objects.
  • Incorporate other lighting elements, such as string lights or lanterns, to enhance the overall ambience and create a festive atmosphere.

Are there any weather considerations for using smoke cannons?

Yes, there are a few weather considerations that could affect the performance of the cannons. Some of them are listed below:

  • Wind Direction: When installing smoke cannons make sure that the smoke doesn’t blow into nearby roads or buildings and doesn’t cause any visibility issues.
  • Temperature and Humidity Levels: The temperature and humidity levels can affect how long the smoke will linger. For instance, the smoke will disperse quickly in very humid conditions, whereas it may last longer during dry conditions.
  • Rain: If you are planning to host your gender reveal party outdoors, make sure that there is no chance of rain. Even a little precipitation could affect the quality and longevity of the smoke.