Cold Spark Machine Hire – Silver Fountain – Battery Operated

No Mess, Easy-to-Use & Battery Operated

Celebrate your gender reveal in style! Do you want to add an extra touch of excitement to your baby’s gender reveal? Our cold spark machine for hire will surely delight your guests and make your gender reveal more special. These machines are also perfect for other events, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Our spark fountain is the perfect elixir for everyone who wants the exhilaration of a spark-emitting flame machine without the danger or smell of real flames.

Unlike other machines that use pyrotechnics or messy confetti, our cold spark machine uses cold sparks. Also called as Silver Fountain, our cold spark machine is battery-operated and exclusively designed to be user-friendly and safe for everyone, including kids and pregnant women. Our machines are less messy, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after your big event.

In addition to our cold spark machines, we also carry a wide range of gender-reveal products, from the classic gender-reveal basketball set to unique options like our Holi powder and smoke emitter. Whether you’re looking for a gender reveal cannon blower, soccer ball set, or something totally different, we’ve got you covered. Our products are all high-quality, safe, and designed to make your Sydney gender reveal as special as it can be.

Make Your Gender Reveal Unforgettable with Our Cold Spark Machine

Your baby’s gender reveal is a special moment for your family! That’s why we are committed to offering the best products that are safe, fun, and memorable. With our cold spark machine, you can add an extra touch of excitement and magic to your special moment, making memories for a lifetime. Get in touch with the experts at Baby Gender Surprise today and start planning your gender reveal!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can use a cold spark machine at your baby reveal event with the right precautions in place. Unlike its traditional counterparts that use pyrotechnics, our cold spark machine emits cool sparks that create dazzling visual effects. As they produce cold sparks, there is a lesser risk of safety hazards.
The sparks produced by cold spark machines are non-flammable and cool to touch. Also, they minimise the risk of burns and accidental fires. This allows the guests to enjoy the mesmerising visual display without worrying about any potential harm. Even though these machines have an inherently safety design, you should also operate them responsibly and follow safety guidelines to avoid any accidents. In addition to baby reveal events, you can also use them for weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, and more.

Compared to traditional pyrotechnics, a cold spark machine produces minimal noise, and there are no loud bangs and booms. The minimal noise produced is not disruptive to event attendees, hence can be used for various occasions. Although the spark machines are not loud enough to startle children and pets, it’s recommended to introduce them to the sound beforehand to prevent any unexpected reactions or anxiety during the event. Also, the subdued nature of the sound in these machines makes sure that conversations and announcements can still be heard clearly.

Absolutely not. Our cold spark machines are specifically designed with safety features to ensure that no harm is caused to anyone or anything. These machines are engineered to produce harmless and safe sparks, which makes them the ideal choice for indoor events, baby gender reveal parties, corporate gatherings, concerts, and weddings. Unlike traditional pyrotechnic machines, a cold spark machine produces cool sparks that emit minimal heat and smoke, reducing the chances of sparking and igniting other materials nearby. The sparks fly in a direction away from the machine, ensuring they do not land on people or objects. The spark’s altitude, thickness, and speed are regulated according to safety standards, which adds another layer of safety. Cold spark machines provide a fun, innovative and safe addition to your event that will keep your guests dazzled without worrying about safety concerns.

Create a dreamy effect with our Cold Sparkler also known as Silver Fountain Machines.

They are perfect for any event whether it is for a Birthday, Gender Reveal, Engagement and so much more.

They are battery-operated for ease and portability. Our Machine is from the world-renowned brand Spark Fabrica.

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